Тест с ответами на тему: «Active voice (активный залог)»

1. I didn’t understand what they _______ about.
a) talked
b) talking
c) were talking+
d) are talking

2. The weather was fine. The sun _____ and the birds ___ .
a) shone, sang
b) shone, sung
c) was shining, were singing+
d) had been shining, had been singing

3. _____ you ever _____ to the Russia?
a) Have, been+
b) Did, be
c) Were, —
d) Are, being

4. Ann never panics about anything, _____ she?
a) does+
b) doesn’t
c) isn’t
d) is

5. The statistics _____ unsatisfying last year.
a) were
b) had been
c) was+
d) is

6. Mary __________________________ in the same flat since 1980.
a) has lived+
b) lived
c) had lived
d) had been living

7. Anna ______________________ in Tula for ten years.
a) have been working
b) has been working+
c) was working
d) works

8. Helen ______________ German at evening classes this term.
a) Is studying
b) studies +
c) study
d) does study

9. I ____________ out last night. I was too tired.
a) didn’t go +
b) wasn’t going
c) didn’t went
d) haven’t gone.

10. My cousin ______ school by July.
a) will have left+
b) will leave
c) is leaving
d) left

11. By the end of the year, they _______ at this project for two years.
a) will work
b) are working
c) will have been working+
d) will have worked

12. We ____ already ____ the table when the guests arrived.
a) had, laid+
b) were, laying
c) -, laid
d) will, lay

13. What a nice hairstyle! Where ___________?
a) did you cut your hair
b) have you cut your head
c) you cuted
d) have you had your hair cut+

14. The train _____ at 5.
a) is leaving
b) will leave
c) leaving
d) leaves+

15. Where ______________?” “In a village near London.
a) lives your uncle
b) have your uncle lived
c) does your uncle live +
d) is your uncle living

16. When he arrives in Dallas he ______________by train all day.
a) will have been travelling
b) will travell +
c) will have travelled
d) is going to travel

17. He _______ for a walk yesterday.
a) goes
b) went+
c) has gone
d) was gone

18. I’m fed up! You ______ for faults constantly!
a) look
b) are looking+
c) looked
d) will look

19. It’s the finest food I _______.
a) tried ever
b) ever tried
c) have ever tried+
d) was ever trying

20. The car __________ Let’s take a taxi.
a) don’t start
b) isn’t starting
c) hasn’t started
d) won’t start+

21. The population _________ 12 billion people by 2050.
a) is reaching
b) will have reached+
c) will reach
d) are reached

22. _________ the game ______ when it started to rain.
a) Hardly has, begun
b) Hardly had, begun+
c) Had hardly, began
d) Had hardly, begin

23. The builders ________________ the house by the end of this week
a) have finished
b) will have finished +
c) will have been finishing
d) are finishing

24. ‘Can you drive?’ ‘No, __________________ a car but I want to learn.’
a) I never drove
b) I was never driving
c) I’ve never driven +
d) I’ve never be driving

25. My friend ______________ for me when I arrived.
a) waited
b) has waited
c) was waiting +
d) has been waiting

26. If you listen carefully, you__________ an owl in the trees over there.
a) would hear
b) will hear +
c) hear
d) will have heard

27. Nicolas _______ material for his new book now.
a) collects
b) will collect
c) collected
d) is collecting+

28. Last night my neighbours ______ their wedding anniversary.
a) celebrated+
b) have celebrated
c) are celebrated
d) will celebrate

29. I _____ lunch with a friend from 1 till 2 p.m. yesterday.
a) had
b) have
c) was having+
d) will have

30. She ______ lies all her life.
a) told
b) tells
c) was told
d) has been telling+

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