Тест с ответами на тему: «Модальные глаголы в английском языке»

1. We _____ be there until 8. We have a lot of time.
a) mustn’t
b) doesn’t have to
c) don’t have to+

2. We _____ pay now. We will pay after receiving our item.
a) doesn’t have to
b) don’t have to+
c) mustn’t

3. You _____ have a visa if you have a foreign passport.
a) don’t have to+
b) mustn’t
c) doesn’t have to

4. I _________ understand him because I don’t speak Spanish.
a) might
b) couldn’t+
c) mustn’t
d) would have

5. You _________ worry all the time. Buy scented candles and take a bath.
a) could have
b) might not
c) wouldn’t
d) shouldn’t+

6. ______ I take a pill?
а) should+
b) need

7. I want to ______ play the flute.
а) can
b) be able to+

8. You _________ be able to catch a ride with Jim. You should ask him before he leaves.
a) could
b) may+
c) can
d) can’t

9. This is a amazing villa! It _________ cost a pretty penny.
a) can
b) can’t
c) must have+
d) shall

10. You ___ worry about the animals. They’ll be ok.
а) needn’t+
b) have to
c) must to

11. You ___ always pay on time.
а) must to
b) must+
c) needn’t to

12. I ___take part in this conference. My supervisor said it was mandatory.
а) needn’t
b) mustn’t to
c) have to+

13. You ___ burn fires in the apartment.
а) have to
b) mustn’t+
c) must

14. It’s cold outside. You ______ put on a sweater and gloves.
a) should+
b) have to
c) must
d) can

15. The greek myths ______ be true.
а) need
b) can’t+

16. You ______ talk during exams. It’s forbidden!
а) mustn’t+
b) don’t have to

17. You _________ be serious? Do you want to go paragliding with me?
a) could
b) should
c) can’t+
d) shall

18. She _________ be crazy! She wants to go to dance school in her 40s.
a) could
b) can
c) must+
d) shall

19. He _________ give me a straight answer. He constantly ignored me.
a) should have
b) wouldn’t+
c) might have
d) will have

20. If you are late for work again, you _________ surely be fired.
a) will+
b) mustn’t have
c) can
d) could have

21. You ______ keep pets in the home. It’s not allowed.
a) cannot
b) must not+
c) may not
d) should not

22. You _____ pay by cheque. You can pay online with card.
a) don’t have to+
b) mustn’t
c) doesn’t have to

23. You _____ be late for your job.
a) don’t have to
b) mustn’t+
c) doesn’t have to

24. You ______ get nine or ten hours of sleep every night.
а) must
b) should+

25. I don’t need this magazine anymore. You ______ keep it.
a) may not
b) must
c) should
d) can+

26. The river is rather deep. ______ you swim?
a) May
b) Must
c) Should
d) Can+

27. I’m cold. ______ you bring me a plaid, please?
a) Could+
b) Should
c) Might
d) May

28. You ___ make your bed. This is the nanny’s job.
а) needn’t+
b) have to
c) needn’t to

29. You _________ called me first. I would take you away from your friends.
a) should have+
b) can
c) shall not
d) should

30. We’ve worked very hard today. _________ we call it a day?
a) Must have
b) Should have
c) Shall+
d) Could have

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